Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moving Out

Today we went to see the building and vicinity of our future condo unit in Makati. Yes, our little family is moving out of this house we have shared with so many others (halfway house I call it!) and into a new place where we can finally have 'our own' nest. 

The 2-bedroom condo is a wedding gift from M's family and although it isn't new and posh like Rockwell (*sigh*) it will serve us well. Finally, we get 2 rooms which means Santi will have an extra room for his toys and also all my clothes and shoes (room turned into a huge walk-in closet!) Plus, it has a maids room which is double yey for me because that means we get to keep our yaya and/or all around help. The location is ok because it is right across a grocery and close to shopping central district.

It's going to be a huge transition in our lives and I have a big bag of emotions in me.

Things I will miss here in San Juan:

1. The garden - Santi loves the outdoors so much and it breaks my heart that condo living will take that form him :( No more walking out in the garden, playing with the dogs or copying Daddy with the gardening tools.

2. The fresh air - We like to keep our windows open here because we live on top of a small hill and right outside is a nice view of San Juan streets and neighbors. No pollution (except for days when annoying neighbor burn leaves!@#!). 

3. My INDIGObaby showroom! - We are still uncertain about our plans for our business. If it stays here in San Juan or move to Makati. Wherever it may be, I sure hope my clientele follows are grow even more!

4. Sharing our lives with people - As I've said, I call this a halfway house because we share the compound with my brother, his girlfriend and her sister, their son, my cousin, my brother's friend, my bestfriend and her son, and all our help combined. 

5. Greenhills and Pure Gold - cheap stuff. Nuff said.

Things I am glad to leave behind:

1. Rats - Believe me when I say that San Juan is notorious for these pests. This city is built on top of canals where maybe hundreds of them live. The ones I've seen roaming around the compound are as big as fat cats and are a real threat!

2. Annoying neighbors who burn leaves - In tagalog they call it 'nansisiga' and I have given up calling the attention of neighbors with their nasty habit of polluting the air. (It doesn't help when my older brother does it occasionally when I am not around!)

Things that excite me:

1. Decorating the place with furniture! - I already asked for my mom's mod inspired orange chair with foot stool for our new pad. We also have an assortment of items unopened from the wedding gifts pile reserved just for the new place.

2. Being closer to my parents, friends and the rest of society - Yahoo. I am seeing a future with more lunches with girlfriends I miss so much! Maybe possible nights out since I am not so far away anymore?

3. Organic Markets! - FINALLY I can walk to the Salcedo and Legaspi markets (both which I have never been to, what a shame!)

4. Having my OWN kitchen - I can try cooking again. Meat-less of course :)

Now let me get back to net window shopping for some home items while Santi is still asleep. Ciao!


ella said...

I always thought that San Juan has way more pollution because it's actually a bowl (sunken).

Moving to your own place is heaven. That's how we feel anyway. There's something about having your own space in the world.

I never went to Salcedo Market, we often went to the one at the Lung Center, I think the suppliers are the same.

I wish there was an ikea in the philippines so you could do your shopping there. Ikea is so addictive:-)

Good luck:-)

Frances said...

I have never been to the Makati weekend markets either! When are you going? Let's have a date, then bring your darling boy and wedding album, and show them off to me!

Anonymous said...

how about the dogs? won't u miss them? will be cute to have a dog in your new place,or a cat =) -dinx

blissful COW said...

I wonder when Luis and I will ever move to our own place? I love my house now but when you have an annoying brother like mine, a lethal "kabit" who has done more than harassment, moving out is the best bet! I have lived in Makati since 1993, I don't think i'd want to live anywhere else. Every thing is convinient. The Salcedo Saturday Market and the Legaspi Sunday Market will be a plus for you. There are near by parks too or go to PC and Santi can run run run...=)


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