Monday, December 29, 2008

Uh Oh Oreos

Something is up with Sanch. Lately he has been Mr. Grumpy and I wonder if it's because of:

a. Itch from chicken pox (although I have not seen him scratching at all... the Jar of Hope is doing miracles on his skin...I notice it is healing uber fast! Yipee!)

b. His cold is bothersome (I am seriously going with this)

c. He is going crazy watching Madagascar all day (well... not all day but most of the time he demands this now on the laptop).

You see, I am kicking myself from guilt because since his yaya left for the province, I have been relying on the good ol' laptop for cartoon movies to distract him while I do stuff. His first love is Kung Fu Panda...he could watch it all day if he had to. But thank heavens he is sick of it now so he has moved on to Madagascar...his favorite characters? The cute & cuddly (& crazy) penguins!

Now the difficult thing is, he cannot stop with just one show, he has to watch and watch and watch...and I can't seem to get him to do other things like play with his toys or look at his books. This is getting out of control so I already warned M to hide the laptops tom (we have 3 in our room) so it is 'out of sight and out of mind'...let's hope my plan works!

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Donna said...

happy new year monica! i saw your wedding pics and you're such a radiant bride! ganda your gown - loved it!
don't worry about santi, anica went through the same phase. i remember she had to have her dvds every morning at that age. nowadays she's the one who tells me she doesn't want to watch anymore. i think she just got sawa with all her barney dvds and i hardly get her new ones so she'd rather play.
also as they get older they can formulate their thoughts more and they get better at pretend play so there will be less tv time.


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