Friday, December 19, 2008

No-Help Holiday

Yes I seriously need a full Jar of Love for de-stressing. The yaya of Santi since February quit her job and my all around maid/cook got chicken pox last week (of course I sent her home because none of us here has ever had it and we do not want to look like a dalmatian this Christmas!).

Is it just me or why is it that everytime M and I lack house-help (we have zero now) we end up fighting about domestic issues? He rants on about how its supposed to be 'my role' to keep the house in order blah blah blah. (Btw, I totally disagree with him on the concept of roles...even Father Dennis backed me up!)

Forgive my bitterness but I how do I start on being the *perfect Stepford wife* when I was never the domestic goddess? 

-Do not count on me with cooking (I only prepare non-meat dishes because I can't stand blood and the stench). 

-I really never learned to clean or do the laundry since there were maids to do that for us. (Hence us choosing to stay in the Philippines because we know life is tough elsewhere) Gosh you should see our pile of laundry now! 

-Half the day I am breastfeeding Santi (yes he is 1.7 years old now) or attempting to make him nap more than just once a day! Actually, taking care of him pretty much takes up almost ALL DAY. When we wake up, we eat then play out in the garden...then get ready for lunch...then bathe and nap then play again until dinner. I only get to do work when he naps (1 hour or less) or when asleep at night which leaves me with less than 8 hours of sleep and almost no alone time mummy :_(

(I only started having a yaya btw last Feb and I got used to that routine. Loved the time I had to myself to exercise or eat in peace or have dates with M. Now it's a bit crazy again being full-time hands on...with no other help pa ayayay!)

So, I throw this question out to all you moms who have a clean home and great food to eat for husband when he gets home (with no help from maids). How do you do it without losing your sanity? 


Dinx said...

I can imagine how hard it must be...its the 23rd..still no yaya? hope u get a perfect yaya! if i was there im willing to help out free of charge.i love santi and u guys!

Tangy Tomato said...

I envy you because you get to spend a lot of time with your son while earning money.

I wish I'd be able to do that also after I give birth. :-)

Actually whenever I ask female officemates (regardless of the company that I've been with), they always tell me that they'd like to be a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom if they could afford it. I'd love to experience what's it like to be one, too. :-)

More power to your business!


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