Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gossip Girl Giddy

That's right. I get all giddy watching character Aaron Rose when he goes after Serena on Gossip Girl. He is just such my kind of guy. Love him love him love him.

I love the fact that he is an artist.
I love that he rides a bike.
I love that he kept their engagement/wedding ring for years (because he was in love with Serena all this time) and surprised her with it.
I love it that he grew up in the upper east side and yet chooses life on the brooklyn side.
I love how he photographed her, made her feel like a goddess with his instillation art piece.
I love the way he looks at her.
I uber love that scene where he sends her a met her a map (a clue to where he is) and he meets her and kisses her in NYC while being filmed for the world to see.

Haaaaaaaaaay. That's what I call PASSION. I am such a sucker for these romantic tactics.

It is so very dreamy. Do those things happen in real life?!

(M I hope you read this one day :P)

1 comment:

dinx said...

wow...i didnt know u still follow up with gossip girl.. i dont na :( but i want to watch it pa rin. no fake dvds kc here, if ever just a few new movies sold in places i dont know.
- dinx


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