Monday, December 29, 2008

Beautiful Sage

I know I've said it a million times to friends and relatives that I do NOT want another child. Why so? Well, because it's very difficult to take care of one esp when you are as hands on as I am (no comparison though to people in the U.S...hats off to you guys!!!)

I am still breastfeeding Santi at 17 months (and mighty proud of it!) 
Santi co-sleeps with me (I cannot fathom him sleeping elsewhere!)
Santi is pretty high need still... I can't explain it but he kinda demands a lot from me ;S

So... I know it's odd of me to say this but if I ever have a baby girl in the future (7 years from now?) I would want to name her Sage...don't you think it's cute to have Santi & Sage???! ;D

This is very much inspired by the TV series, Privileged.

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