Sunday, July 06, 2008

Walk This Way

A walking tour from 9am to 12noon under the heat? Are you crazy? Yes..a bit. Forget the temperature/perspiration/itch from the mineral make up/uneven skin tone after 3 hours and agony of carrying cranky Santiago....It was well worth it!

I am certain that you may have heard a lot about Carlos Celdran and his tours. Some of you may have even joined one, two or even all already! Believe me, after experiencing ample time with this humorous fellow (did he take up theater? I swear, he is such a good entertainer!), learning about our history and cultural'd finally understand some things about you through never-been-told stories of our ancestors and just might be a tad bit more proud of yourself and the Filipino race. Uhuh, that's right, I am being patriotic here.

To those who haven't had the chance or might be too primadonna-ish, you have got to! Find an excuse to take some relative from the states, Australia, Dubai (or wherever!), they'll thank you in the end for a wonderful time. And even if you don't know anyone abroad, these tours are perfect for dates (triple hint M!).

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leah said...

Thanks for visiting our blog. :)

I might just suggest this walking tour to my hubby. we've heard a lot about it online and it would be interesting to rediscover old manila. :)


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