Friday, June 13, 2008

Worried Sick

Dear Santi,

Tonight, you got me and Daddy worried sick. You threw up for more than an hour during dinner and we could not figure out the reason. Was it something you ate or drank? Should I have stayed home instead of my yoga practice? (Was I being a selfish mom?) I vow to watch you like a hawk (these days you put every little thing you find on the ground inside your mouth!)

You woke up from a nap crying non-stop in the afternoon. Never mind that your dad was there attempting to calm you, you were longing for my embrace and insisted that I carry you. I already knew then that my baby boy isn't feeling too well because you would not have me put you down. This is usually the case when you are sick. Extra extra clingy.

So, after dinner, I carried and sang to you until you slept in my arms. It did not matter to me how long I was standing and swaying there, all I wanted was for you to feel safe. I hope that there will be no more vomiting because it pains me to see you this way, my love. Each time you get sick, I always pray for your well being...even in exchange for mine. Please be well in time for Father's Day.

Love always,

*This is a pilot post of many many love letters I am dedicating to my son. Much-inspired by the review I read on "Love, Mommy:Writing Love Letters to Your Baby". One day, I hope Santi will be able to read all of them :)


Anonymous said...

Awww, I hope Santi's feeling better. I feel your pain, Mon :(

blissful COW said...

It's the worst feeling in the world when you can see your son in pain or suffering. The thing is you can't do anything about it. Luis had convulsions when he was young and I was not as mobile as I am now. I was terrified!! His high fever caused the convulsions and Luis had to spend 3 days in the hospital. Eversince, I never leave the house without a thermometer in my bag. Cough and colds are inevitable but as soon as Luis gets fever, I worry and give him sponge baths the whole night until his fever subsides. Welcome to motherhood Monica... it's a lifelong job. Take care.

Tesa Celdran said...

I have a friend who blogs about her daughter,

check it out, its fun!


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