Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Stork Studio

Ia Genato and Stan Ong of The Stork Studio took these wonderful shots yesterday afternoon. M and I agreed that each year, Sanch should have his photos taken by a professional to mark and celebrate his wonderful existence into our lives!
Look at this boy! He definitely knows where the camera is! My star in the making!

This is by far, my most favorite photo of the two of us. So much love going on here ;)

A fun shot! Jumping in attempt to defy gravity. What a work out for me!

This shot shows Santi's curious big eyes which I love. Everything about him I love!

For those interested in having their portraits done by Stork Studio, you may contact Ia Genato at 0920-9017131 or email They do amazing work! And word just got in that Ia prints all shots on fine art paper with every copy signed by her. Each print a masterpiece, indeed!

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