Thursday, June 26, 2008

Quick & Easy Crepes

Crepes is truly my most beloved dessert of choice. I would dare not pass up the opportunity to eat in Cafe Breton. Did you know they have 9 outlets now? Podium, Mall of Asia, TriNoma, Greenbelt, Pasong Tamo, Westgate, Tomas Morato, Tagaytay and Sta. Rosa. I have eaten in all 8 branches except for the one in QC. I really am a hardcore follower because I even used to frequent their original branches in Malate and the old Greenbelt. I always order the La Pinay (mango with Nutella) or the Funtastyc (banana with almond flakes and chocolate). Sloth becomes me when I order both and place them on top of each other for that over the top INDULGENCE. And forget about the calories!!!

Truth be told, I could eat crepes everyday! I have been doing so since I started making them myself at home. So, I'm going to share with you my idiot-proof recipe. (which I stole from the back of the Maya hotcake mix!)

1 cup hotcake mix
2 eggs
2 tbsp butter
1 cup water
mangoes (optional)
bananas (optional)
Nutella chocolate spread (a MUST!)

*Makes 10-13 servings

Beat the eggs slightly. Melt butter in the oven (never use the microwave! see why here) Add the butter, water and hotcake mix. You have to follow that order or else your crepes will turn out differently. Believe me, my sister and I have tried! Beat until all lumps are gone and cook on a non-stick pan like you would pancakes. Chop the mangoes, bananas or whatever fruit you'd like and toss it in with the yummy Nutella for your SUPER CREPE! Pretty darn easy, right?

Plus, making it yourself is a lot cheaper than buying from Cafe Breton. A big bottle of Nutella from Rustan's is P210 while the big box of hotcake mix is around P55. You add the eggs, butter and fruit....still way cheaper considering the fact that you can make 13 crepes per serving! There is a loooot to share for your whole family. Sancho and Benny love them crepes!

Oooh there are therapeutic benefits, too, to cooking or baking. It's instinctual for women, I think. No matter how bad a cook you are, food preparations may calm nerves. I like getting the lumps out of that mix and pouring it on the pan. There is an art to it and I think I've mastered it. ;)

Happy crepe making!


blissful COW said...

Ooh my favorite!! Nutella! I feel guilty giving this for baon for Luis. Nutella Sandwich. But the poor kid is in school from 8am to 310 or even 4pm. Aside from that his football or tennis lessons after. Anything to put a smile on his face... and mine too of course. I know what my breakfast will be...thanks!

Dinx said...

I miss our crepes with nutella..


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