Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Indecisive Flowers & Calligraphic Abilities

No, the flowers aren't indecisive. It's me who is. I just thought the title would sound nice.

I am starting to get organized for the upcoming wedding and I can't seem to decide on what flower arrangements I want for my entourage! It's funny because it did NOT take me this long to choose my wedding gown.

I have accumulated some picks in and bookmarked them in And so, with simplicity and elegance in mind, here are my top four choices (for now):

1. Since I have changed my motif from aquamarine/torquise and yellow to plain and elegant CREAM (yes one color only!), I was thinking of sticking to white colored flowers as well. But then it might look too blah?

2. Hydrangeas are fabulous. I especially like this color combo below but I think they are not available locally. I've only seen photos from my aunt's multiply when she went to Sagada (Oh, darn, that's FAR!)
3. Lovely Peonies!!! So chic and sweet. Might be expensive. Must ask supplier.
4. Here is a unique take on the traditional bouquet of roses. Nice, yeah? I'm still deciding on the flower supplier - preferably someone based in Tagaytay already. (This would tremendously cut costs!) Honestly, if I had the talent...I would rather do-it-myself.

Yup, I'm on of 'em DIY brides. M laughed at my idea of using my own calligraphy for the invites. But to prove that I was not kidding, I bought calligraphy pens today and will start practicing tomorrow. Thanks to, I have some classic fonts as guide. If things turn sour, I shall stick to my Assumptionista penmanship. That should do the trick.


LiL said...

finally, wedding prep updates! :)
im guessing you're keeping your wedding gown design a secret? hehe..

a few unsolicited advices:
- I think it would be nice, if not better, to add color to the posies or bouquets
- just to share, i especially wanted a stargazer in my bouquet. I thought it gave a lot of life and color

It is fun to be a DIY bride. Ako din before, feel na feel ko. Hahaha. I wanted to experience all the stress, the hassle, and the fun of being my own wedding planner.

But wait, how many invites are you talking about here? You're gonna write them one by one or have it copied by a supplier? That's hard ha.

Anyway, goodluck with all the preparations and have fun!

Another unsolicited advice:
-buy unity coins ha. the one from solea-if they still carry it.

Corner Turn said...

Hi! Big decisions, ano? I had yellow roses on my wedding. I took whatever is in season.

My friend opted for a bundled red roses. By end of the day, her gown has red stains in front.

TET said...

hi. hope you don't mind me saying but i like the bouquet of roses the best (4th image). i love visiting your blog :). and i adore your son.

TET said...

hi! i hope you don't mind me saying but i love the bouquet of roses (4th image), they would look as elegant as your cream motif (especially with that arrangement in the picture). i love visiting your blog. and i adore your son, he's a very handsome "little man" :). keep on blogging.

michelle said...

Hi Monica,
congrats on your upcoming wedding...i have peonies for my wedding boquet last December 2006, if you have time check my multiply site, here are some florists who have offices in manila and tagaytay, flowers of may, flower farm, rrcg, and ridge blooms. happy planning.

Anonymous said...

the peonies look perfect!

Tacoma florist

Frances Amper said...

May hydrangeas dito! Sa Tagaytay! But roses are cheapest. They're grown locally kasi.

Oh, Monica, so excited for you! DIY is so much STRESS! I did that, too. Tied the ribbons on all my invitations and I addressed all the envelopes, too! Super DIY ako, my sister and sisters-in-law were constantly asking, "What can I do to help???"

Welcome help, Monica. In the end, kahit masaya to add your personal touch on everything, masisiraan ka ng bait! Lalo na you have a kid to take care of, too.

Okay, too many unsolicited advice na here. Ganun talaga pag ikakasal, maraming makikialam! =D Masaya kasi, eh!

donna David said...

hygrangeas are my favorite! they have the most beautiful hydrangeas here in japan.
i too wanted hydrangeas for my wedding but they just were not available in manila =(.
p.s. cream sounds classic and lovely.

Gin said...

hi! not sure if this is too late...but anyway, you can find hydrangeas and other flowers sa Dangwa Flower Market in Sampaloc, Manila. And they sell it cheap there.

Anna Patricia said...

Monix! I can't belive I found this site... I just googled "calligraphy manila" and i see dharmadreams and I though, "HEY! I know her!"

Anyway, My wedding is cream and I am soooo nervous! Gotta play with textures for my flowers and I really hope it turns out well :s

Patuts <3


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