Monday, May 26, 2008

MMU means...

Mineral Makeup! Yes, after one year of hype...I have finally joined the bandwagon.

For my starter kit, I have invested in Monave and Everyday Minerals as recommended by my younger, vainer sister Dinx and Jen, my hot momma mentor/friend. I am very happy with the samples,baggies, etc. Yeah they have their MMU terms which I am quickly picking up. Hehe.

I guess this is me trying to be a better person. I tend to care for myself LAST as I prioritize Santi first. I know there should be a balance but I can't help it. So, this is a good start, right? Looking presentable whenever I can can jump start my yummy mummyness (not that I'm not!) But yeah, I've been totally putting off joining Yoga Pulse because 1. lack of funds and 2. still not that confident in leaving Sanch with anyone.

My big fear at the moment is having to attend a Pre Cana seminar which is a pre-requisite for the wedding. This is a 2 (full) day seminar from 8am-5pm and I am stressing over the whole Santi situation. Who will I leave him with for? If I take him with the maid, he sure won't be comfortable there and might disturb the class (they will not allow me for sure!) I am concerned about leaving him with my parents, the maid or anyone else is because he has never ever drank from a bottle succesfully (and slept after). Yup, I have managed to direct breastfeed him for over 1 year! I would've never imagined doing that you know. But I did.

You see, this is a HUGE problem. Should I pump and just hope that he feeds and konks out? Will leaving him result in trauma? C'mon..I never left him and leaving him suddenly for such a looong time (9 hours a day for 2 days) might just put some damage on him.

Look at me agonizing over this while my good friend is scheduled to leave for the U.S vacation sans her 7-month old baby for a full week. She plans to leave her with the yaya. Of course I told her she was CRAZY but what can I do...moms are built differently. I think it's just really sad that she will go alone because she does not know how to take care of her own baby! Saaaad.


ella said...

where is the pre-cana seminar? is it near your place? what i did before (if i had to be at a thing for the whole day -because i never pumped also)was i brought ryan and had the maid wait in another room, so i would sneak out and nurse him. other mother's would call us weird, but i say it's just dedication ha ha.

the other option i had was to leave my baby with my mom with milk, i did have an avent handy just in case i really needed to pump.

by the way, jen and i discovered a new brand that is so much better than all the mmus we tried, it's called ellana.:-)

donna said...

i breastfed my baby for more than 2 years and i did have to leave her for an overnight checkup. i don't really remember but i trained her to drink water from a cup at 1 year old (so that she would skip the bottle phase after breadtfeeding). at 2 years old she was perfectly at ease with the cup so i started giving her formula in a cup (but she was still breastfed most of the time.) when i was in the hospital she drank from the cup, and when i came home, she had no problem going back to breastfeeding.


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