Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chow On This

Pizza to us is staple food. What could be more satisfying than eating slices of dough packed with veggies, your meat of choice topped with oven-melted mozzarella cheese. Totally comparable to a complete meal (whether you think its healthy or not).

I am thankful for multiply as I have chanced upon Sandy's Pizza weeks ago. There were lots of good reviews and I was willing to give it a try (even more so) when I found out that they are located in the same city. Neat. Delivery is so convenient. Don't you wish there were more establishments with delivery service? Like maybe if Haagen Daz had dial-a-pint delivery... ooh evil thoughts!

For our first Sandy's 'homemade' pizza, M and I tried the combination which had 'a little bit of everything'. This was P390 for a 14' inch, good for 2-3 pizza.

Ooooh yeah that was superb! I told M to hold his horses because I wanted to take a photo of it untouched but he could not help himself so here's that pizza pie missing one slice.
We tried the pizza margherita the 2nd time around (my sister's choice) and it was good too! The thickness of the pizza crust is jsut right. Not too thin nor too thick. Perfect the way it is!

If you live in San Juan, lucky you. You may call Sandy's Pizza for delivery at 7218334.

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