Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why I Love Tagaytay

My latest trip to Tagaytay made me realize how much I love this place! Here are my top reasons:

1. Proximity - Only a 2-hour leisurely drive from Manila and you have a completely different city vibe. It really is the most convenient getaway spot for urban dwellers. I remember my very first date with M in Fire Lake Grill at the Cliffhouse. He admitted later on that he wanted to spend as much time with me, hence the location :P

2. Weather - This summer, I can't seem to stand the heat in Manila. If I could be naked all day I would. The Tagaytay cool breeze with that perfect scenic view of Taal Volcano is indeed enticing in times like these!

3. Food - Oh, golly. This is my favorite reason. I totally binged on this trip! First day lunch was eaten at Antonio's Grill where I had my ultimate Chicken Inasal. JT's Manukan still has my heart but this one does chicken justice ;)

A Tagaytay treasure is our foodie find, La Cuccinella Trattoria (0928-3904230). This fairly new Italian restaurant is located on the main road by the Mendez crossing. Husband and wife team Max & Cynthia Arici are very hands on. They greet you and will cook your food as soon as you've ordered from the menu.
Cynthia & Max Arici with their 2-week old Max Jr.
Food is always served fresh. Bravo!

Because it was a Thursday, we had the place all to ourselves. Niiiiiice!
My Tiramisu...gone in 2 minutes!

I know I had more photos of the food but they weren't so clear so I will just leave all that to your imagination. Think 'authentic Italian food' prepared and cooked by Cynthia a Filipina lady who lived in Italy for 25 years! (If you get the chance to meet her you'd notice her heavy Italian accent.)

4. Extra curricular activities - In high school, my crazy friends and I used to go up to Tagaytay on weekends after San Mig bar (in old Greenbelt) would close at 2 or 3am. We'd drive (probably still very intoxicated), listen to music and smoke our lungs off as we wait for the sunrise amidst the early morning fog. That was eons ago.

Now, I enjoy Tagaytay for other more wholesome things like the Paradizoo (which was a bitch to find by the way)

And I end this entry with a photo of breastfeeding piglets. I was very moved by how raw, how natural these newborn creatures were breastfeeding. No need for books or consultations with doctors. They are just doing what nature intended so. Inspiring.

More photos of this family trip in my multiply account.


blissful COW said...

Hehe. San Mig! There never will be a place like that again. My cousins wanted to revive San Mig but I really dont know what happened. Do visit Pazzo in Rockwell though...=)

fran =) said...

i love tagaytay!! must try to stay at the T House and ohhh dine at Buon Giorno too! :)

Anonymous said...

the trattoria soundsinteresting....


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