Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Para Bos!

Today was quite an experience. I had some pending errands in my to-do list and wanted to get it done before the week ends so I, together with my help, braved the summer heat and took Santi for his 1st jeepney experience. I would have said 1st commute experience but last week we took the tricycle to the nearby grocery!

For only P7.50 per person, we got ourselves to Greenhills in one piece without much sweat (we left 9:45am to avoid the heatwave). There was an available car in the garage but it had no fuel plus, I was having a 'save-the-earth' hangover from yesterday.

Look at my little one- quiet as a mouse the whole ride. He was just observing everyone else. He was probably thinking "what the hell is going on here?" hehehe.

*The title 'Para bos' was inspired by Denise's college essay paper on her commuting experiences ;)

1 comment:

Iris said...

nice experience there sweetie :)


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