Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Earthy Toys

As I write this entry I am practically jumping out of my seat because my oh-so-lovable and generous aunt, Diana Limjoco just purchased Santi this fab dancing alligator wooden toy from Plantoys in the U.S.

Isn't it beautiful?! It's a stark contrast to Santi's first ever wooden toy from his aunt Marga.
This wooden Jeepney is obviously made here in the Philippines. Pwede na. Nice and simple. But back to drooling over internet finds--- More from Oompa Toys

HABA Discovery Blocks

Cone Sorting from Plan Toys

Many thanks to my birth classmate Shera for pointing out MUJI, a minimalist, no-brand Japanese based company. They have this wonderful city-in-a-bag wooden set for the poshier babes.

Barceleona & Paris in a Bag
Wooden blocks depict iconic symbols of global cityscapes. These stylish and collectable cities make unique and inspiring gifts for the well travelled and travel-hungry amongst us. Made from FCS wood. Packed in stylish calico bag.

What a coinkidenk- my family will be heading to Japan this month! Better add this up on my 'pabilin list'. Hmmm..looks like I'm going to be teaching Santi lessons on culture and architecture early on.

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KV said...

Oooh, these toys are so great! I'm gonna check out the sites :) It's so difficult to find ones that aren't made in China. My Mom and I just want to be really careful. I'm starting to look for toys as early as now so I wouldn't have to panic :D


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