Friday, March 07, 2008

All Girls Day Out


A whole afternoon spent with my best friends from college and the 2 main men of our lives - Santi & Benny (you can see their little feet popping out here too!)

S just got back from Maui/SFO! We wanted to hear all about her adventures so, we planned a get together since we haven't seen each other in ages!

Recap of the day:

1. Lunch at Chelsea Market- We shared a Salmon Pizza, Meatball Pasta (I know, I was outnumbered by carnivores!), and choco chip cheesecake for dessert. I had fresh lemonade (detox time) while D had her watermelon shake. Yummyness. Never mind that we could have spent much much less a block away. We couldn't care less at this point, we were famished!

2. Foot Spa at Nail Tropics - P450 for an hour of pampering while gossiping over who we saw on magazines, who broke up, who gave birth...blahblahblah. I brought along my maid (not yaya, she is my new all-around girl) to carry Santi while I was having my pedicure. Really needed this because I don't even recall the last one I had, prior to giving birth pa! Sheesh!

3. Sonja's cupcakes- We can't get enough of the sugar! Again, we shared a white and dark chocolate cookie and an oatmeal cookie. I like her cupcakes more. Mrs. Fields rule the cookie world!

It ended too soon.

'It's 4pm na?!' someone blurts out.

Time does fly when you're having fun! As we said our good-byes, we vowed to do this more often. Weekly dates to reconnect, uplift our spirits and feed our souls! I know it does sound like Sunday mass.

Maybe an all girls day out is spiritual after all?


LiLLy said...

I feel disconnected from the outside world most of the time. Like my non-mommy friends are so out of my league.

Mrs OAP said...

Can relate!
Most of our friends are still single so I'm sure they'd want to hang out with their single friends too so we don't have a regular hangout dates. While our married friends with kids are busy naman.
So most of the time, it's just the four of us.


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