Friday, February 29, 2008

Growing High Needs

I am posting this for Santi's Ninang Cri in Houston. Although she has not met him, she has been sending some of the grooviest gifts... like this shirt he is wearing. Thanks dude! You have spiced up his wardrobe which was getting dull with all the stripes and blue hues. Too bad it looks as if he is having a major brat attack.

Haaaaaaay, he is just one very little misunderstood person. My almost 10-month old cannot speak yet so he only uses crying as his communication tool. M's remark was, "Sanch, you have been crying for half of your life!" Yup, that is the painful truth. We have gone a long way from his newborn crying sprees, his colic nightmare and other more dramas in his short life. His temperament and character is shining through. Genetics play a major role (even this article agrees with me) and I have his father's DNA to blame :P

Gosh, I will have to deal with two very moody men in my life. Let's see how that'll work out!

1 comment:

KV said...

Awww, poor Santi looks so wawa in this picture :(


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