Sunday, December 02, 2007

What's with TAGS?

I don't know how or why Santi's love affair with tags began. It's a real mystery why he chooses to occupy himself with tags of toys, pillows, shirts. Cheap thrills of my baby boy!

Obviously, the combivent (that's the name of the solution!) with nebulizer is working on him. He is much much better now. Phew!


Rhea said...

hahaha :) andie loves tags too! siguro, they like the texture.

get well, santi!

donna said...

glad to hear he's better. i'm not sure if you have it there but the japanese have this really cool nose-de-clogger for babies. it's totally different from the bulb types which don't work very well. it's like a little bottle with a spout and tube attached. you put the spout on the baby's nose, gently suck in through the tube and the slime drips down the bottle. it's just so useful and sanitary. it's by pigeon so you might have it there. here's the link:

babies do love tags, i've seen a book with tags just for babies. there are also soft toys with tags. check out "taggies" at amazon.

i'm praying for you and your santi!

tina said...

hi! just want to say i love your blog! as a first time mom to a 7-month old adorable baby i can totally relate to your sentiments. my baby tia loves tags too! i really find it weird kasi i thought she's the only one doing that. well, turns out it's not so weird at all in the world of babies. =)


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