Saturday, December 01, 2007

Too Young

M and I finally took little sick boy Santi to see his pedia for a check up (because his cough/cold will not go away despite all the natural meds I give all the love and care in the world a mum can ever give!)

When Dr. Crickette listened to his lungs she told me that it was wheezing. This was something serious, she said. She then made me listen to his chest . It did sound like he was having the hardest time breathing. Like his little lungs were struggling to breathe! Oh no, Santi is predisposed to asthma. ;( I began to explain to doc that the men in my family have asthma and M has it. I believe I even had skin asthma but I just outgrew it?

On Santi's prescription pad:

1.Nebulize with salinase solution and 'something-milder-than-ventolin-with-less-side-effects' (sorry I forget the name, I have to find the actual prescription pad!) 3x a day for 5 days.
2. If symptoms persist, add a dose of a more 'serious drug'...again I forget the name... it sounded more serious though and according to M it costs P200 a pop. Yikes!
3. Continue with Silver coiloid and/or Echinalyt (Santi hates that damn bitter Echinalyt btw. Freaked out when I gave him some and now won't even open his mouth for ANY other homeopathic meds in a dropper...I guess I have to think of other ways for him to open his mouth now!)

Here was Santi a day or 2 ago...needing me to prop his head so he can breathe. When I would remove my arm under, he would cry and wake up. Yes, sore arms of of the many sacrifices I do for him.

And below is him getting high on drugs...the legal ones at least. There he is using the nebulizer which (I borrowed from his cousin Zac) he hated after about 2 minutes. Take note, we needed it on him for another 13 minutes but he kept screaming and crying so we finally did remove it after 3-4 more minutes. M and I could not stand seeing him in so much distress.

Why oh why is this happening? The first time you get sick and it's a huge blow on all of us. I feel somewhat betrayed by my own milk which is supposed to protect him from this. You are far too young to experience this babylove. Please please please get better. Heal little lungs.

Well...I think the nebulizer did him good.

I am able to blog now because FINALLY he is asleep without needing me there next to him. The past week, he'd automatically wake whenever I leave his side. Clingy, needy, fussy. It's alright baby. I feel for you. Anything for you, really.


BY NATURE said...

don't worry, monica, santi's on his way to getting better. DL2 went through the same thing and nebulizing will help loosen the phlegm in his lungs. he'll either vomit them out or they'll show in his stool (do observe).

don't blame it on your milk, dear. it's still what's best for him. it's just those nasty viruses are getting stronger and stronger.

for the nebulizer, maybe you can try the mouthpiece for santi instead of the mask. DL2 hated the mask, too, but loved to feed on the mouthpiece. so, he gets to inhale the vapor while biting on the thing :) you can buy a kit at mercury.

jencc said...

aw, mon! i hope santi's better. it's really difficult when they're like that. the boys are the same way. it's a good thing paul doesn't need carrying anymore (can you imagine, all 70lbs of him? i'll die!!!). kevin doesn't like the nebu either. what do i do when he doesn't want it? i ask for something else nalang from cricket.


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