Thursday, December 06, 2007

Teething Sucks

for Santi and most especially FOR ME!

Wanna know why? Santipooperpunch is whiney all the time and back to ZERO sleep during the day. (I get NOTHING done. no showers, half eating all meals, so kalat with the files for the biz, ayayay!!) He also refuses to sleep early at night. Then, when asleep...he suddenly has piercing screams and cries all throughout the night (til about 4 am) that can scare the bleep out of anyone!

(Note: I already give him Chamomilla drops for the sleep issue and teething gel for the pain or itch or whatever it is he is feeling... and the same scenario persists)

Blame it all on teething! Gosh little teeth, come out already will ya?!?!?

And I thought the storm was over (me taking care of an ailing child) and then THIS!

God/Higher Power/Divine Mother/Spirit/Angels & Saints please help mummy through this...

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