Friday, December 21, 2007

DIY Taggie

I was inspired by etsy. So, I made my version of a taggie bear for the upcoming long car trip we are taking to Baguio after Christmas. Yes, I have to think of ways to keep Santi sane. He gets bored real fast. I hope this taggie bear does the trick!

Oh yeah, those of you who have the patience to make's pretty easy :)

1. Find a doll / bear. In my case, I used this Huggies bear that came as a freebie with a pack of diapers at the grocery.
2. Cut up assorted colored different sizes and textures too if you wish.
3. Make sure to seal the ribbon ends so they don't run. (M did this for me..yeah, he was part of the taggie production process)
4. Sew! I don't own a my right pointy finger is red from manually stitching these on.

Next target is a taggie blanket or what they call a 'lovie' ;)

1 comment:

BY NATURE said...

nice job, monica! :)


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