Monday, November 19, 2007

My Yaya Experience

I know, I know. I have been anti-yaya ever since but starting your own business and joining bazaars and taking care of a high need infant is all too much for ANYONE. So, I finally did hire someone (against my principles) last Saturday. I instructed her to be my assistant and only carry Santi when I need to go to the bathroom, when I need to eat or when I need to speak to a client. Her name is Arlyn and well...I fired her today. Yes, Santi's first yaya only lasted 2 1/2 days.

WHY? You might ask. Well, divine intervention is why. Last weekend, at the Rockwell Urban Bazaar. There was a girl manning the booth across us. I didn't notice her lurking around and eyeing Santi until she grabbed him from my yaya-whom-I-fired. The next thing I know, Santi is in the arms of a total stranger! Of course I was curious...who is this girl and why does she insist on carrying my son, playing with him, cooing and all that?! She came up to me and said "I love him so much! What is his name?" Yes in straight impeccable English. When I answered her she even said "Pardon?" when she couldn't hear me. I was floored.

Through chats between sales, I found out that my dream yaya is named Catherine is from Bacolod and is only 18 years old. She is currently the cook of the owner of the booth beside mine and used to be a yaya before. She took care of her old employer's infant until the baby turned 3.And the clincher is this...

Santi fell asleep in her arms! Another jaw dropper! It takes me much effort for him to sleep... nurse, ball bounce, sling.... and she effortlessly made him sleep! M can't even do that!

Of course I talked to her and bugged her to work for me instead. She said she would ask permission from her current employer and give me a call soon.

Well...I still have my doubts... is this girl for real?! This might be a whole scam. She might have slipped sleeping potion onto Santi while I wasn't looking. I have to think of these's my son we are talking about! You can't just trust anyone these!

I also have my issues still with yayas:
  • I get annoyed whenever I see a yaya hold him - with the useless-one-I-fired I was sooooo annoyed! Each time she would get Santi from me, I would get him back within minutes!
  • I still insist on bathing him, feeding him (nurse/solid), hold him when asleep - what else will my yaya do?!
  • I get so jealous seeing the yaya playing with Santi - I still want to spend every second with my baby! These are precious times! Why watch Santi waste it away with a stranger when he can be with me?!?!
There...those are just my top 3 that I have to deal with before I can actually hire one. For now, mama's back to being Santi's one and only! :D


LiLLy said...

hi! congrats on finding a potential yaya.
my yaya has been with me for 7 months and i still have the same issues that you mentioned. i still can't get over them and of a lot more issues. and it's painful everytime i leave for work.

i sometimes think if that's normal, if im possessive maybe or maybe i'm selosa by nature. i don't know exactly.

i can't wait for the day i'll resign and let go of her...

KV said...

If I could, I wouldn't want to leave my baby with a yaya either! If I were a SAHM, I'd hire a yaya/all-around help. So she'd just assist me and help me out but I'll still do most. And then she'll just also help around the house. But she HAS to be really O.C. and clean. Some yayas aren't too conscious about cleanliness kasi eh.

donna said...

you're right, better to be safe than sorry. i would be the same if i were you - i'd hate being untrusting and paranoid but the stakes are just way too high. also, you might want to do an NBI background check - that's quite common now when you're hiring someone who, no matter how good or pleasant or perfect is still a total stranger.
good luck and i will be praying for you and santi!

Frances said...

Haha, mahirap talaga to let go. When I was a preschool teacher, we teachers all giggled kasi on the first day of school, it's not the kids who are upset and crying--it's the moms!


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