Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mummy is a Busy Bee

As all of you know, I have been extremely busy setting up my new biz plus taking care of my almost 6 month old baby boy. He is a handful (still and forever will be) because he is, I believe, about 23 pounds...can you believe?! He weighs more than my friend's 2 year old son!

So, now I know why Kali exists (the Hindu Goddess who has several arms). Because moms like me could use them for multi-tasking. Usually, I do two or more things all at the same time. Carry Santi or bounce while nursing, PLUS attending to emails or sales or inventory. Look at photo below to get a clear picture (literally) Oh, don't mind the hideous jammies. hehe

Here I am nursing while bouncing while reading The Indigo Child

Some updates:

We spent the long holiday at the beach (where else?!) and had heaps of fun! Santi truly enjoyed being out in the sun, near the ocean where the sound of the waves calm him. If only we lived by the beach, his fussiness would disappear. Yes, he barely had an attack when we were there.

More updates:

Santi does this weird thing now with his hands. They flap just like the Chinese lucky cat I know all babies do that a reflex? It looks funny. Flappy arms like that.

Whatelse? He can also suck on his toes when I put him down on a sitting position (because he cant support himself upright just yet!)

There you go... more of Santi milestones shared :) Watch out for feeding videos very soon! Good night world...


LiLLy said...

Hi Monica! Where did you get your Indigo Baby book?
Nicky has "flappy arms" also. She eats her toes also, lying down or sitting upright.

dharmadreams said...

The book was lent to me by a friend :D

KV said...

Hehehe, Santi's so adorable! And very gwapo ;)

BY NATURE said...

all the while i thought the photo was of santi sucking his thumb while in prone position. that was his big toe pala! haha! how cute!

DL2 flaps his arms and legs until now and he's 9 months old. he does it while breastfeeding and sleeping (prone). he must be dreaming that he's walking already :)

btw, enjoy feeding santi solids! you'll be nursing him less but i hope he becomes less fussy as well.


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