Tuesday, November 27, 2007

INDIGObaby on Shop Talk ANC

INDIGObaby will be one of the guests on Shop Talk by Pia Hontiveros on Thursday 3pm.

When Santi was only 2 days old - May 11 of this year, I caught Jen Tan of next9.org in the same show talking about attachment parenting (showing her slings with her son making gulo there at the set hehe). Imagine, I was in the hospital room recovering from a CS operation watching this and thinking to myself, "Hey, I want to be just like that!"

I think that really made a difference in my outlook of what parenting should be. I can't believe that now, Santi is almost turning 7 months, Dee and I will be guesting at the very same show talking about the same issues and showcasing our very own products! (and to think I didn't have a business back then)

I'm getting cold feet as I type this because I've always looked up to the host and I know she asks smart questions so I better be ready!

1 comment:

BY NATURE said...

this is great, monica! things are really happening for Indigo Baby :) nice job! good luck this thursday and keep us posted!


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