Sunday, November 11, 2007


M and I woke up to a loud thud this morning. My heart raced as I jumped off the bed to see my baby boy lying on the floor and crying in distress. He rolled off the bed!

Me: OHMYGOD! Santiiiiii!!!!!! (almost in tears)
M: MOMMY!!!!!!!!!! (in tears)
Santi: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! (a looot of tears)

Santi, M and I believe, cried more because he heard his parents screaming. He probably felt all the tension and worry. How can we not?! Our baby boy, just 6 months old, fell off the bed. I wanted to fall off the bed myself so I could feel his pain too. I feel so guilty for this incident. I should have moved him in the middle, I should have placed a pillow, I should have so many things!

Grrrr.... this must have happened because recently, I have been talking to relatives about our fear of Santi falling off the bed. Or maybe that was an actual premonition and I should have listened to my intuition! Ayayay...

Now, my darling has a nasty bukol on his forehead. And I am on the look out for anything odd. (You wont imagine how many times I bugged my pedia today though!) Bummer... I just feel really horrible. I pray to all the gods that my baby boy is alright. I will exchange my life for it!


LiLLy said...

i'm a bad mom too..
nicky fell from the bed when she was only 4 months. twas because, she rolled over (i think?) and fell to the floor.
good thing my matress is just on the floor.

dont worry, all babies and parents go through that. hehe..

but it feels REALLY awful noh?


donna said...

i agree with lilly. don't worry, babies are not as fragile as we think. my baby has fallen off her high chair, split her lip after falling from the sofa, hit her head on a restaurant counter AND fell to the floor - all because i didn't strap her in - and many other scrapes and bruises in her 2 years and 8 months. wait till he becomes 2, you'll just kiss the boo-boos away. although i must admit, the first one's always the hardest on the parents.
as long as the pedia says it's fine, no worries.

dharmadreams said...

Hello Lilly and Donna,

Thanks for making me feel better... but I still feel so awful for the incident. I can't help it. Oh well... I guess I have to live through these things, part of growing up for me and my boy!

Im going to move my mattress on the floor though and make sure the sides of the bed has pillows galore!

LiLLy said...

Yo, Monica.
Floor is the way to go! Hehe..
Think of having a ZEN room. Hehe.
Just this morning, Nicky rolled over again. :)
She was sort of babbling to WAKE me up.
Sanayan lang. :)

donna said...

yup, that's what i did too. i was thinking of buying her a bed but i didn't want her to fall over so i just got her a mattress and put it on the floor. we also don't allow shoes inside the house so the floor's clean naman even if she rolls off =).
when we were co-sleeping, i pushed the bed to the wall and put a bed guard on the other side. i don't know if they have it there but it looks like this:
good luck!

Frances said...

Yeah, babies have soft bones pa so don't worry. They heal pretty quickly. And they don't really get hurt daw, they kinda get surprised lang. And they cry more because, like you observed, their parents panic.

I took care of my baby sister and my first niece (their mothers--yes, my mom and my sis-in-law--don't like taking care of kids) so I know a bit about babies. I noticed that when the girls fall/bump/hit anything when I was with them, they didn't cry (I have cold blood I think. I just looked at them and said, "Does it hurt? Shhhh... It's okay.") and they play again. If the girls were with their moms, they screamed bloody murder! Kasi their moms became upset and screamy and loud and started running around for "Ice! Water! Doctor! NOW!"

So cool ka lang, Monica =)


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