Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Baby on Solids

We were all very eager to start WagoBear on solids - BLW style of course! Well, I honestly had mixed feelings because I was afraid that he would nurse less....NOT!!! He nurses the same, thank god! I really am not ready for the real weaning bit although I know the process has started. I just hope it's a looooong ass process because I want to breastfeed forever!!! Also, I read that it's all just play for babies up until they reach age 1. So, for now, it's just food orientation for you Santi!

Starting on fruits ----

Day 1: I want to PLAY!

Day 2: Hmmm.. what to do with these bananas?

Day 3: I like these red plums!

That's all folks. More of Santi eating adventures soon! I urge other moms to read on Baby Led Weaning. It's fantastic!


LiLLy said...

i read it already. thanks very much!
told my mom about it and she said that's what she did to me too. except that, back in 1984, she wasn't aware that there's such a term as BLW. hehe
With a few days left before Nicky's 6th month, everyone in my family is urging me to start her on solids na, but i refuse!
Can't wait to see her play with food, though.

KV said...

I love him, I love him, I love him!!!

I think I should stop looking at pictures and videos of Santibear. You're really making me want to be a stay-at-home mom! Waaaaah!

I can't wait to give birth! :)

donna said...

don't worry, babies need breast milk until they're 2 (and beyond if you or baby wishes it) =D. my baby still breastfed a lot even after starting on solids.

just a note about solid food, the japanese pedias advise solid food at 4-5 months because babies have to learn how to chew and they need to exercise their developing their jaw muscles and coordinate chewing and swallowing. be careful you don't start too late...i've heard of some babies still eating mush and cannot handle solids at 2 years old because they were introduced to solids late.

my baby started solids at 5 months (and was still breastfeeding then). i don't really remember but i think she was able to eat whole, un-chopped food at 11 months.

good luck!


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