Thursday, October 04, 2007

Welcome Sumi!

Welcome to this world little Sumi!

Jeri, gave birth to this darling of an angel last Sept 27 at the Makati Med via C-section (bummer). Seeing her so tiny at only 5 pounds makes me miss newborn Santipoo!

Our visit reminded me and M how FAST they grow!!! Here's a trippy photo of Santi in his once bassinet (we delivered him in the same, we literally went down memory lane)

It was M's idea to put our gigantic baby boy in that plastic thing. Look at those THUNDER THIGHS! He never liked it there by the way.

Going back to little Sumi... I feel for Jeri because she has latching problems. No one knows why. Jeri was told her nips are too small for Sumi to latch on. This is NOT a valid reason. In fact, small nips are easier to latch on according to a breastfeeding advocate. I can only assume that Sumi already has bottle nip preference. She was roomed in late and was given glucose water and formula :(

Months ago, newborn Santi latched on easily and refused to unlatch. When I unlatched him (because it hurt like hell then), he would wail oh-so-loud. So, I just let him suck non-stop overnight.

Knowing that there are other moms who have 'breastfeeding troubles' make me feel blessed that I never had that case. Perhaps rooming in early and standing ground to NO GLUCOSE WATER and NO FORMULA PLEASE FOR MY BABY did the trick. Someone once told me that giving a newborn anything more than breastmilk will decrease the chances of successful latching / breastfeeding. How can you feed a glucose-filled newborn tummy?

I sure hope Sumi latches soon!


LiLLy said...

Hi! Remember I had the same (awful and frustrating) experience? Lita Nery helped me and Nicky a LOT! Maybe Jeri should see her. :)

KV said...

Hahaha, love Santi's pic in the plastic thingie! He was probably going, "What in the world am I doing in here?!"

donna said...

please tell your friend not to give up - i had complications after birth that my baby wasn't able to breastfeed right away - she was given formula. but she still managed to be exclusively breastfed after. i do hope that that hospital has a lactation expert - i had one help me afterwards.

BY NATURE said...

it also took a while for my 2nd son to latch when i had to breastfeed him at the nursery (he was under observation for around 15 hours before he was roomed in). but when we were united in the room, he naturally latched. he was also given glucose water but i'm just happy he still preferred his natural source of milk :) i also hope your friend doesn't give up so soon. it's still early and the baby can eventually latch (maybe with some help from the experts like the women behind LATCH). best she try pumping as well to keep her milk supply going, but it won't be much 'coz her baby just needs a little amount of breast milk for now.

deelirious said...

they do grow so fast..

you know, these stupid (sorry..) nurses feed fuel to the fire. when i visited jer, the nurse was like, "ay maam, sige, hindi namin bibigyan ng glucose, pero magugutom yung anak mo, kase wala kang milk pa." (ok maam, we will not give glucose but your baby will get hungry.) and i was there and i was like, ummm no!

its kinda hard, like when i delivered. i was tired and in pain. and the nurse said that the pain killers i was prescribed was not feeding-friendly. so ben got glucose on his 2nd day..but in a cup coz we requested. he also latched like a beauty and i am soooooooo grateful for that.

let's go visit jer and offer bff support!

Renata said...

Hi, Congratulations on becoming a parent! I saw your comment on my blog about giving solids to your baby soon. When do people usually start introducing solids in your country? They recommend 4-6 months here, but preferably 6 months. Anyway, another book I am reading is called Child of Mine by Ellyn Satter. It is a book more about how to feed your child rather than what to feed. It has been cited for many years and I think it would complement Super Baby Food (or any other book) well.

Renata said...

ha ha, I just realized this was a birth announcement for another baby (not yours!). Sorry, I'm moving across country today and woke up earlier than I needed to.


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