Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sleeping Potion

Viola! Here is Santi's sleeping potion. Chamomilla drops (P100) from ISIP Center. His pedia, Dr. Crickette Palanca-Chen, advised me to give him 2 drops every 4 hours until he gets his rhythm of sleep. (I sooo love that fact that she practices homeopathy!) True enough, he naps/sleeps more. Well, I still do 'the works' (ball bouncing while nursing, no distracting lights or sound) to get him to sleep but at least he gets more than 12 hours of sleep a day now. About 14-15 hours of natural drug-induced sleep. Phew!

Oh, take my really does make you snooze! I've tried it, 5 drops for adults.... you start becoming woozy after as if on valiums :P

My dear son is a baby junkie!

ISIP Center Rockwell, Makati
Tel No. 8958421

Dr. Crickette Palanca-Chen
LP Medical Plaza, Makati
by appointment 0927-9877079


Zharmagne said...

Hey, I want some of those!

categorically imperative said...

Hmm...P100 bucks? And to think generic Benadryl for my insomnia. I'm gonna check it out!

ella said...

I practice homeopathy too. Actually joined a class online. I have this kit I bought from the states and so you might call me a hardcore homeopathy junkie hahahaha, glad santi is sleeping soundly, i'm sure you're ecstatic:-)

dharmadreams said...

Hi Ella,

I'm intrigued with that homeopathy kit. What's in it?! I want one too! hehe Maybe I'll have my aunt buy for me :)

jencc said...

talaga? i should give that to stan as well. he has trouble falling asleep sometimes! i also go to cricket. love her to bits!


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