Thursday, September 27, 2007

Meth Lab

No, I am not a meth addict. Neither is M nor baby Santi. But our home sure does look like a meth lab from the outside because my windows are all covered in foil. You see?

But the outcome is this...
The curtains weren't good enough for Santi. He would still get aroused by the sunlight seeping through them during the day. First, I added layers and layers of cloth and even my own clothes on top of the curtains but then mosquitoes loved hiding underneath all of this so... foil it is!

OK, you are totally weirded out now but don't get me wrong. I haven't gone cuckoo. Of course I love the sun and the energy it brings me and my baby. When it isn't nap time, I do open the windows and let the sun shine :)


Zharmagne said...

Hey whatever works right?

deelirious said...

brilliant!! ya, whatever works! besides, at least you dont need to worry about dust, washing, etc!!

another amazing feat by yummy mummy nix!!


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