Sunday, September 23, 2007

Santi's New Ride

Introducing Santi's new ride...

The Maclaren Sport Quest!

M and I took the plunge in purchasing our not-so-little boy a stroller. He already weighs more than 20 pounds now and as much as I'd like to sling him all day when we are out, my back gives up on me after a few hours. Yes, yes he was not into the old one before
but for some reason when we placed him in this one he didn't complain at all. We thought, 'maybe he knows how much it's worth!' or 'he must be thinking THIS IS MORE LIKE IT!' But, not until he got hungry for my boob. Of course I'd pick him up, sling and nurse.

Day 1 with stroller at the Podium mall: Strolled around for about 20 minutes. Baby got hungry. After feeding, I still let sleep in the sling until he woke up. Then back into the nice stroller.

Day 2 in Mega Mall: I attempted to place him in the stroller while he was asleep and he actually slept in it (with a little fuss in the beginning but when I started moving the thing he gave in and slept again). Total time spent in stroller: 30 mins.

It's hit or miss still though because awhile ago when we were at the grocery- Hopeful me wanted to do some grocery shopping using the spankin' new stroller BUT after about 5 minutes in it, he decided to shriek. Thinking he was hungry, I slung him, injected my boob but after sucking for a minute he refused. Then I returned him in the stroller but after a few minutes again, some shrieking. And so the cycle began for another 3 rounds until I gave up and just slung him until he finally slept on me. People were staring at this mom slinging her baby with grocery goods in the stroller.

The P11,500 stroller... a grocery cart.


Rhea said...

Hi monica! We have the same stroller! haha :) we just used it once though, in Podium also. Cant wait to use it some other time. Sayang naman yung pera kung hindi! haha :)

LiLLy said...

Nice stroller!
I've been wanting to buy the Techno XT. Monica's heavy naren.
But i want to train her first with a not-so expensive stroller first before i take the plunge for Maclaren.

donna said...

that will happen a lot, even when he's big already and can understand. sometimes they just want to be carried, or walk when they already can. they have their moods too =).

deelirious said...

worth it..benny loved it too!

smooth rider!

all good, at least you shop in style!!


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