Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Nose Knows

Last week I was able to attend a Basic Aromatherapy workshop conducted by a certified aromatherapist, at the Rockwell Club. She went to school in the U.S. to study aromatherapy extensively and travels around the world to acquire the best oils for her business. What a life!

We started with smelling each of the scents (as seen above with those strips of paper). Then, she discussed their long list of healing properties. In the end, we were able to concoct our own blend of massage oil. I made an uber relaxing lavender-chamomile combination. Love it! (Santi's pediatrician also recommended that I use chamomile to calm his over alert mind)

Noteworthy scents:

Lavender - Balancing, calming, treats insomnia; topically, helps heal wounds, burns
Eucalyptus - Invigorating & cooling; when inhaled, relieves respiratory congestion; topically, relieves muscle soreness
Peppermint - Refreshing & cooling, topically, relieves headache
Ylang Ylang - Serves as a relaxing antidepressant
Rosemary - Mentally stimulating; topically, helps treat muscle aches

I am hooked on pure essential oils now! (not that I wasn't into aromatherapy before) I've always had a thing for scented candles/soaps, burners, incense, etc. I even have a collection of massage oils on my bedside for late night rubs by me or M (mostly by me :P) Among my favorites are Lavender with Jojoba Arometherapy Oil (which I use for Santi's daily massages), and Virgin Coconut Oil for that beachy feel.

The aromatherapist explained that there are many fake oils out in the market. So, be wary of cheap ones! These are probably made out of synthetic scents. It makes sense though as I've researched it takes 163lbs of orange blossoms just to produce an ounce of Neroli oil and 55,000 Jasmine flowers to produce just 1 oz of highly concentrated Jasmine absolute.

And here is a photo of my mum with dear little Santi all giddy from the stimulating oils he got to smell.


glenville said...

that was an interesting workshop...i use citronella oil to ward off those pesky mosquitoes away from my baby. better and safer than spraying baygon or any other synthetic mosquito repellant.

Frances said...

Oh my, what a delightful baby! =D

Because of one of your previous entries, I bought a couple of Alice Blue candles. They really are a treat. Naku, baka ma-addict na rin ako sa mga aromatherapy chuchu na ito, ha. And it will be all your fault! =)

dharmadreams said...

Hello Glenville,
Yes, I should go get some citronella for Santi too. Those darn mosquitoes love biting him because he's so malaman!

Haha sorry am I adding to your expenses?! I like to share what I indulge in. Well, I also like to spend period. Buti nalang Montri likes to save...wahaha


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