Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bye Bye Hair

It's been days since I cut my hair cut but was delaying blogging about it because I am not too pleased with the outcome.

I wanted the very trendy and famous Victoria Beckham hair....

But ended up looking like a butch!

And to think I had it done in Basement Salon! I could've gone to Bench Fix for the correct cut, even costing me much less (and I am so sure that they all know who Victoria Beckham is; the girl who did me, didn't).

Yes, I know I can go for another cut elsewhere but I'm still not over this disaster. (I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Didn't I mention I ALWAYS end up regretting drastic hair cuts?!)

Oh well never mind. I couldn't take care of my hair anyway. At least this saves me time, shampoo & conditioner, and no more hair-pulling from Santipoo!


deelirious said...

aie nixxy you look great!! hehehe..we're so funny with our hairstyles of the rich and the short do but hassle lang coz we can't ties it away like before, and it gets so hot and humid! thank god for headbands:)


jencc said...

basement salon? it's mahal there---and they didn't get it right. you still look gorgeous, though---but the cut by the deng foz guy was better. pinay victoria beckham!


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