Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Breast is Best

The Adiri Natural Nurser beats the Avent bottle in this new boob-like design. They claim to mimic to breastfeeding like no other bottle, reduce air digestion and gas to relieve colic and promote safer feeding with high quality safe materials.

Of course, curious me, already ordered 2 of these high design bottles at $12 each from my aunt who will be coming home for vacation soon. I want to test it on Santi. He has not been using the Avent bottles because I never leave him (except for the 2 events I posted about before) and he does not seem to have a nipple right for his sucking preference. The 1 hole nip for newborns frustrate him whereas the 2-hole nips choke him. And there are no in-betweens. Gr.

The breast is STILL the best!


BY NATURE said...

hey, monica! you may want to try pigeon's Y nipple. the flow of milk will depend on the baby's suction. if he's a strong sucker, more milk will flow out, and vice versa. also, the milk won't drip even if the bottle's left inverted. i'm a pigeon mama and both my sons are doing okay with their bottles and nipples. their products are very reasonably priced, too :)

BY NATURE said...

oh, but, yes indeed! the breast is still the beast! to the point that we become human pacifiers to our babies :)


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