Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Beachy Preggy Weggy

An old friend of mine from high school is now 4 months pregnant. She informed me of the exciting news - she finally felt her first baby movement!

ME: Did it feel like a flutter?
N: Yeah!
ME: That was it! Doesn't it feel so great to know that there is something alive inside of you?
N: Yeah, it was pretty exciting!
ME: I remember feeling Santi for the first time so clearly. Cherish your pregnancy because if I would change one thing about mine - I would be more patient. I wanted Santi out asap! Now, I want him back in! Hahaha

That friend of mine is a beautiful beach bum / surfer girl. I know that her baby will be a beach babe as well. I am sure of it. I can't wait to find out the gender next month! If she is carrying a girl, I will definitely urge Santi to go for her when they grow up!

Here is my own collection of preggy beachy shots.
For a Marie Claire shootMontemarAnilao

Clearly, I was trying to make a statement - "Girls, it is OK to flaunt your bump in a bikini!" Do not be so insecure about people seeing your stretch marks. They'll be camouflaged anyway by the nice tan. Ooh sun-kissed preggy bellies. I like how that sounds...


Zharmagne said...

Great preggy photos!! I'm looking forward to flaunting my belly when I become a mom.

bytchgoddess said...

waaa! lucky you!! i was as big as a blue whale when i was pregnant!! grrr!! i'm soooo envious!! no stretchmarks either!! ha! great blog.. will be dropping by often.. thanks for commenting on my brownies.. will try to post pics if i'm able to get a snap before they disappear!! hehehe!


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