Sunday, September 23, 2007

Baby Rituals

Santi's interesting daily rituals--

2 baths daily.

One in the morning after his first poo (which is usually an explosive one) and one at night or late afternoon before he sleeps.

Before each bath: I heat the water and while waiting for it, I massage him with lavender oil while singing a nursery ryhme or a lullabye (whichever lyrics I can remember at the moment). I do this to get his full attention so that he doesn't attempt to turn or start to fuss. Then, I carefully remove all clothing and carry him over with me to the bathroom to check the temp of the water. I add bath salt to the heated water. Again, I sing while giving him a bath. (Usually it's YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE - he really does love that song!)

After bath:
I quickly put on his nappy and clothes because I have about 2 minutes before he starts fussing. He still is ok when I dry him in the hooded towel, put on his nappy BUT each time I put the onesie or shirt he starts to cry. No fail. (I think he gets bored, wanting me to get on with the rest of the ritual) Think me in a baby marathon: dress him, get on the ball, start bouncing, offer my breast and feed him. Hurray if he feeds in peace.

If he has trouble napping, I give him a dose of his chamomile drops (which I learned not to use all the time because he ends up with liquid poop. Yes, it relaxes even the digestive tract according to Dr. Crickette) Another option is the blue chamomile gel which I rub on his temples. I have had experiences where he fusses, I apply the miracle gel and he naps after a few minutes without much effort. I also massage his tummy with the famous aceite manzanilla at night.

When he is already napping/sleeping I put a cloth beside him with one or two drops of lavender essential oil to make his dreams sweeter (ha! it's so that he can nap/sleep longer)

Those are his requirements. If I miss any of those, I feel I'm a bad mum. If I don't get to massage him before his bath, I feel bad. I think 'oh, poor baby is so tensed because mum didn't get to massage him'! If he misses his night bath (because he is in deep sleep already and I wouldn't dare wake him up), I feel awful that my baby is not clean at that moment. How sticky he must feel with all that dried up sweat on him still. Yuck.

There are lots of other more things I feel bad about doing or not doing but I'll save that topic when I have nothing to write about. you and your baby have rituals too? Share them here :)

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donna said...

don't feel bad - there will be days when you can't be everything to your baby. there will be days when you'll be too tired or bored or there's no time. it's ok to skip them at times - no harm at all.


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