Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What's In a Name?

When I was a baby my dad called me lots of silly names. One I will never forget is "Monixkaling". Don't ask me where he got that. I have yet to ask him myself.

Anyway, back when I was preggers, I sort of promised my future baby that I would not give him any of those funny sounding nicknames. I'd stick to the beautiful name: Santiago Andres with the nickname Santi.

Fast forward to the present---

To my own surprise, I found myself calling Santi a variety of weird names!
  • Santipoop
  • Santywanty
  • Santiago-wago
  • Santipotpourri
  • My little wombat
Others have pitched in as well...
  • Platypus (from my Mum)
  • Santibear (from M)
  • Sanqwagy (from M)
  • Tiago (from his Greatgrandpa)
  • Santipot (from Dee)
People just can't help it. Babies are just too darn cute to be called regular names!

What other crazy names have you given your babies? I'd love to know :)


deelirious said...

Nicknames! Hehehe..as hard as it may be, i also end up calling my little benny tons of names!

benlove (benny is love!)
benzo (short for benicio lorenzo!)
isyo (from his grandpa roger)
buddy (from lolo dennis)
flipper, dolphin (mama pushu)
hamster (daddy)
duckie (mum)
sunshine benny

oh well...nothing wrong with giving names, as long as they are happy and sunshiney:)

i think that when we are fond of things or people, we come up with names for them..like our lovers, our petpeeves (cow!), our family..

our little babies are going so fast..let the list of nicknames continue :)

jencc said...

my mom says that the chinese believe that the more pangit the nickname, the more the person is loved. =p


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