Saturday, August 18, 2007

Reading Up

I have just acquired two new books for lazy, rainy days like today. As long as Santi is asleep or peacefully nursing in the side-lying position, I am able to do some reading for his own good. It's cute that my bookshelves are slowly being filled with all-things-related-to-baby reads.

SIGN with your BABY by Joseph Garcia was a good buy for P189 from Books For Less at SM Sta. Mesa ('the seedy people central' but it's the closest SM branch to my house).

According to Garcia, babies are born with abundant intelligence. Signing with them breaks that communication barrier and will save you all the troubles of guessing what your baby needs.

I should be able to start teaching Santi a few basic signs by his 6th month. I can't wait to start! It would be interesting to finally know what is inside that little head of his!

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by La Leche League International is available at Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street for P799. If I had known it was available here, I would have gotten a copy even before giving birth. I suggest every pregnant woman get one (yeah, while you still have all the time in the world to read a full chapter without any interruptions).

This book explains the numerous reasons why you should breastfeed your babies. Mummies, it's their right! :)


donna said...

i have the la leche book too although honestly i didn't use it much. i got most of my breastfeeding info from the dr. sears book.
i have friends who taught sign to their babies. i didn't try it though because i was too scared that she would rely on sign instead of learning to talk. i suppose you just have to be careful in signing the word and saying it out loud too...although i must admit it would've been convenient to teach the basic needs signs like sleepy, hungry etc. she probably wouldn't have cried as much =).

deelirious said...

i want to learn to sign with benny..must try to look for that book :) our babies are such intelligent beings..when he screams now, i want to help relieve his teeth of the discomfort but i dont know how. must be a bitch teething..i can only having braces but worse.

Mrs OAP said...

that book was indeed a steal! good thing, i didn't buy it when we had the seminar of baby lingo...must go to books for less!


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