Sunday, August 12, 2007

No To Sleep

Santi has a new thing....he won't nap during the day!

I noticed that he started this new behavior when he turned 3 months last week. It seems like he's rallying, "NO TO SLEEP! NO TO SLEEP!" He is too curious about the world around him. You should see his eyes half closed fighting them open (especially if he sees light or hears any kind of sound).

Of course, everyone has their theories-

M has this ridiculous theory that there are ghosts in my 100+ old house that bother Santi. He insists we try sleeping in his house for a week. I refuse :P

My childbirth teacher, Rome Kanapi called me today after I texted asking for dear help. She asked about my diet and guilty-me admitted I still eat chocolates (so hard to give them up!). After reviewing everything else (dim lights-check, bathe him-check, massage him-check, dance/bounce/rock him - check, etc.) she suggested something very new age - take a bit of rock salt into my room and program it to cleanse negative energies lurking around. Also use rock salt during night baths of Santi and I. This, I will definitely try!

According to my new best friend, Dr. Sears, high need babies sleep differently. One reason why he has difficulty going to sleep is that he has poor stimuli barrier. While other babies can just shut out noise and light when they get tired, my Santi cannot. He simply is stimulated by everything.

The solution? Very flexible, patient parents.

On a regular day, we have the lullaby with heartbeat music playing non-stop. M and I whisper to each other & almost tiptoe, careful not to make a squeak. And I am carrying and dancing Santi to sleep hours on end. My arms, legs and back ache when night falls. M even wants to hire a yaya now "taga karga lang the whole day" because he feels sorry for me. But me with my strong mummy convictions say no each time. "Just give me the salary of a yaya", I jokingly say.

For soon-to-be parents out there: don't underestimate yourselves. Although parenthood sometimes make you feel STRETCHED, there is so much more you can give. There are no bounds when it comes to love.

Rome Kanapi teaches birth class and infant massage class in Ateneo and Sanctuario de San Antonio. You may reach her through her cell phone - 09175415114.


donna said...

hang in there, it may seem that these karga days won't end but trust me, they will go by soooooo fast. i can't even clearly remember the times anymore when i had to hold anica the whole night, she sleeping on me and me slumped on the rocking chair.

dharmadreams said...

anica too,huh? it's nice to hear similar stories fr other mums. makes me less worried about my mothering capabilities and santi's temperament.

m thinks he's the only baby like that. i have to reassure him all the time that there are probably others like him out there.

another teacher once told me to be grateful because it only means that his mind is alert and alive! :D

deelirious said...

they have their days i guess nix..and we mommies will have to endure them. but it is all worth it because we love our babies with all our hearts! :) thank god that they are healthy and active and adorable!'re doing great!

jencc said...

ay, ang guapo!

both my kids slept via karga. as in naps na nakakarga. and in bed na naka dede. hahahahahaha! enjoy the cuddle time, you'll miss it when he's bigger.


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