Thursday, August 09, 2007

My Velcro Baby

Santi is a velcro baby. This is so because he is with me everywhere I go. (Hey, it rhymes!)

As Pinoys say, "parating nakadikit sa mommy"! It is his preference. I did not train him to be that way. When I look back, after his birth - he'd cry and turn red when placed on the bassinet. Even the nurses commented that he cried the loudest among the lot. I remember this clearly because we roomed him in despite my CS operation.

I honestly have no words to describe those first nights in the hospital. M and I were new parents who did not have a clue about pacifying a hysterical baby. They didn't teach that in birth class! (Now that I think about it, maybe they should start offering a course on how to take care of extra challenging babies) To give you an idea was the most exhausting and exasperating nights..I guess this served as a sign of 'what's to come!'

And so it began -> co-sleeping with my baby. Only this and breastfeeding calmed him. It happened so naturally as if these were the only options for me. I really had no idea about attachment parenting until after.

The next best thing is... babywearing!
I have been babywearing since Santi was 10 days old. Why did I wait 10 days? Well, because of my CS operation I could not leave the house right away. But hard headed me left anyway after 10 days (my ob told me to stay at home for 4 weeks) for a personal demo from Jen Tan of

So here are some photos of mummy me babywearing Santi in various locations: at home, in my favorite Japanese resto, Cibo, Haagen Dazs!, the grocery, at a party, and yes - even at the beach. To other mummies out there...happy slinging! They make happy velcro babies :)


donna said...

glad to hear you're still slinging =).

ella said...

hi monica, i'm so glad you joined the ap club, santipoop will grow up to be a wonderful man i'm sure of it, it seems like you're the best mom he could ever have...

babywearing really is a life saver, glad hip,smart and pretty (wag kalimutan yan) moms like you are spreading the word:-)

ella said...
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dharmadreams said...

Hi Ella,

Thanks! Please say hi to sir Ian for me. :)

agoo said...

Hi Monica! I bought a sling from R. Jellybean before (when he was just 3wks old) but Dylan cries whenever I put him in it. I don't know if I just didn't get the How to Wear your baby CD instructions but his head was awkwardly tilted I'm afraid he can't breathe properly. I returned the thing without ever using it. Yes, up until now he still doesn't want to be put down! You're not alone.


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