Friday, August 31, 2007

Mum Abbrevations

Because of my 'feelings of isolation' from this high need thingeemajigy (why is it that I only know 1 or 2 mums here in Manila with the same situation?), I joined a US-based high need support group in Yahoo. For awhile though I was a bit lost because they would use all these abbreviations I didn't understand. Good thing I found a list and their meanings in a site. Here are some below (for those of you new at these things too!)

AP - attachment parenting
BF - breastfeed or breastfed
BFing - breastfeeding
DH/DW/DD/DS/DP - a reference to members of one's immediately family:
dear husband, dear wife, dear daughter, dear son, dear partner
LLL - La Leche League
MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL - mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law
SAHM/SAHD - stay-at-home mom/dad
WAHM/WAHD - work-at-home mom/dad

I might start using some of these 'mummy abbreviations' (well, I believe I've already used the MIL hehe) so its best you familiarize yourselves as well.

The high need support group is

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deelirious said...

right on SAHM :) mis you and your BF santipants! can i please see your haircut?!!!


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