Thursday, August 16, 2007

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

I've got a new toy!

After months of being digicam-less (making do with my dilapidated 2-megapixel camera phone), I finally got a decent model. Thanks to my mum who sponsored it and to Sab for buying it overseas.

As I write this post, M is testing it already and seems to be going gaga over the 'creative features'. He should be happy with it - he was the one who read several camera reviews online and forced me to order this one over the stylish pink Sony one I was eyeing.

To those of you who think aesthetics is everything - yeah, I know I should have stood my ground with the Sony.

Funny scenario---

M takes two photos of me, one from my new Canon and the other from an Olympus model.

M: Look at these shots (he shows me both cameras)
Me: YUCK, I'm so fat!!!
M: I was showing you the image quality!

That explains the title of this entry.


donna said...

always go with a canon over a sony point and shoot...or maybe i'm just biased because the hubby used to be with canon =). i also wanted a sony for the looks but i'm so glad we got the canon.

glenville said...

hi there! if it's any comfort, i owned two sony cybershots before buying a canon digicam. let's just say i'm now a solid canon fan. =)


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