Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jeri's Baby Shower

(FYI, this post is behind by 3 weeks)

Hello. Meet Jeri, my good friend and ex-housemate.

She is 7 months pregnant and is due to give birth sometime in October (to a baby girl!!!). Yes, she broke the 'baby boy chain' in the group.

And so, we do what good friends do. We throw her a non-surprise baby shower.

It's amazing how family-oriented we are all of a sudden. My, my, what a growing bunch of first-time parents! Who would ever thought that these three young women would have babies in one year?! Birds of the same feather flock together talaga...

What's even more amazing much weight we've all put on! The photos below were taken during Sab's birthday bash years ago... our pre-pregnant and pre-baby days.

Eep. I sense we're all getting each other gym memberships as birthday presents this year!

*To those of you who think my face doesn't look that fat in the photos. It's because the extra 12 pounds (I have yet to lose) is all located in the tummy area (which I wisely hide with long tops and close up or medium shots). Or maybe because I have mastered the art of 'hide-all-the-fat-pose'.

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