Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dessert Couture

Because I wasn't able to go to the Pink Kitchen event, I just HAD to attend this one!

Everyone knows that I am a hardcore chocoholic. A few weeks ago, I tried eliminating chocolates from my diet because I was worried my breast milk was turning Santi into a live wire baby BUT I didn't even last 3 days! Seriously, I get real cranky if I don't get my choco fix. That is a non-negotiable for me. I can live without the salty, but not without my sweets.

Today, I got my dosage for the week. Dessert Couture at the Manansala served a 7-course dessert menu by a highly acclaimed Singaporean pastry chef. (whoops I forget the name)

Here are some photos of what was served to us
Green Lime Eclair, Walnut Cheese Cake, Baked Pear Tart
Crab Salad, Smoked Salmon Profiterolle, Mushroom & Tomato QuicheGateau Chocolate Lollipop, Petit Mont Blanc, Passion Fruit & Banana SherbetLe Royale, Dark Valrhona Chocolate Lollipop, Pralin ProfiteroleChocolate Ice Cream, Creme Brulee, Tiramisu

Not in photos: Fourth Course-Duck Liver on Toasted Brioche & Seventh Course-Macaron Collection (because I completely forgot to take pictures of these!)

My mum and I weren't too happy with the miniature sized servings but M points out "I'm stuffed" mid-way into the cocktail event. He had a point. Everything is for taste only. Good if they were delicious. They look great but we've all tasted better. Gosh, even chocolates from the grocery tastes better. If it wasn't for the free flowing champagne and the gift certificate we won (overnight stay at Diamond Hotel's Hospitality Suite!), it wouldn't be worth the P800 ticket price per person. (Original price is P1,000 but for Rockwell Club members, P800)

Oh, here's a snapshot my little Santi showing early signs of trouble.


The Disparate Housewife said...

Thank god, I'm a chocoholic too, and I eat a pack of chocolate a day at least. I passed my gestational diabetes test but I know I'm doing something wrong here! Lately, I help myself to just a tablespoon of semi-sweet chocolate chips to try and control my craving. But I end up eating a whole papaya or three mangoes to fill my sugar craving! Eep! Ok whatever, right?

dharmadreams said...

I passed my gestational diabetes test too but barely...I was borderline! haha I was wondering though why they had to get so much blood from u? I don't remember mine being so horrid :P

The Disparate Housewife said...

Ugh because the first is the constant, the second is taken after you chug glucose, the third and fourth to check how much you've processed, if at all. Blood is fine it's the not eating part that's sick!


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