Sunday, July 08, 2007

Why I Choose Home.

A topic that always comes up in chats with mummy friends of mine work or stay home to take care of the baby?

Nowadays, it is usual for mum & dad to 'bring home the bacon'. Financially, this is a practical option - two heads is indeed better than one. Increased income equals a better lifestyle & added savings lead to a secure future. Therefore, more & more couples consider this the norm.

Lucky me, I have a supportive partner. So, I gave up my corpy job and chose to stay home.

Here are my reasons:
  • To be a full-time hands-on mummy: I decided to go yaya-less because I wanted to experience motherhood at extreme levels. From changing nappies, to burping, to breastfeeding, to pacifying the fussy baby at 3am with hardly any sleep... That is how I manage my days.
  • To breastfeed exclusively: I am aware that pumping is an option (if I had to work) but there is a HUGE difference when you do direct breastfeeding. The bonding is so intense, I could cry each time. When my son looks me in the eyes, my heart just melts!
  • To watch Santi grow: I know babies grow up so darn fast. I remember my son just newly born, now he's filling up fast & cooing, next, he'll be crawling away! I don't dare miss any of his firsts that a yaya wouldn't care less about :P
I may not earn as much as I did (which translates to less shopping) but I truly believe that each moment with my son is priceless. Who can ever leave behind a face like this?

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donna said...

amen. couldn't have said it any better.

i admire you because you have a choice, here in tokyo it's impossible to have a yaya. i suppose if i were in manila too i might have hired a yaya but i'm so glad things turned out the way they did - that i am here and i that i needed to do everything, and still do.

here's hoping we succeed in raising God-fearing, compassionate and productive people.


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