Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Little Luxuries

I have never ever cherished bath time... until now. This is because my daily baths allow me to be alone, if only for 15 minutes. Being in refuge, my bathroom turns into a small sanctuary where I can just relax...away from mummy concerns muna. Thus, adding elements to make the perfect ambiance is necessary.

When I was still pregnant, I bought a few Alice Blue soy candles because I was so intrigued by this video I found on ClickTheCity. The makers claim that the aroma from a lit candle will fill the whole room. True enough, it does. To set the mood, I burn one candle a few minutes before bath time. My personal favorite is their lavender scent.

Another essential is soap. Not just any soap though!
About a week ago, while bloghopping,
I chanced upon this site. BY Nature handmade
soaps sounded so deluxe from the sites description, I just had to get my hands on them. So far, I've tried the icy choco scent and it is divine. I absolutely love the tingling sensation I get each time I rub the bar on my skin. And it lingers too hours after a bath. Perfect for hot weather like ours. I can't wait to try the other scents I got: Cocoa Butter Melt, Gentle Lavender and Mint Fantasia. I'm sure they are as fragrant and delicious to the skin!

There you have it. Two of my lifes little luxuries. I don't mind spending a tad bit more for quality products like these because they truly make me feel like a million bucks. Hey, mummies deserve it!

*Photos taken from Alice Blue Candle and BY Nature Handmade Soap websites.


Zharmagne said...

You're so into these things Monica? Makes me want to try them myself! It's always nice to see new finds.

dinx said...

mons can i try one of your soaps? give me a sample! i also love those things. -dinx

jencc said...

i got the cinnamon spice bar from her. yummy!


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