Thursday, July 19, 2007

In a Heartbeat

My recent saving grace for Santi's sleeping routine is this CD, Marga, my sister-in-law-to-be passed to me when I gave birth.

At first, I didn't bother playing it and stashed it somewhere in the room. Recently, however, I finally gave it my time of day since I was lured by the album cover that says "STOPS CRYING GUARANTEED!"

It is really remarkable! Santi seems to be napping more frequently and for longer periods. How fab is that?!

The obvious explanation- babies listen to the rhythm of the heartbeat for nine months. Thus, they become accustomed and soothed by it.

Now, if only the CD had a track of the heartbeat alone, sans the lullaby. It can get irritating (to mums & dads) if it's been playing all day long! But then again, for Santi to sleep peacefully, I'd do anything... in a heartbeat ;)


donna said...

i remember those early days so well...what saved us was "the happiest baby on the block" book which teaches swaddling, rocking and white noise to soothe a crying baby. it worked for awhile but i suppose babies get smarter and won't work past 3 months.

dharmadreams said...

Hi donns ;)

My friend also recommended that book to me. So I follow all the S's most esp the SHHHH in the ear. Works pretty well while I bounce on the ball with Santi!

Rhea said...

uy, i like that CD! pwedeng pa-copy? hahaha :)

dharmadreams said...

For those weary-eyed mums interested in downloading the songs, I uploaded them in my multiply site :)


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