Monday, July 02, 2007

High on Breastmilk

Since I started breastfeeding Santi, I notice how content & dazed he looked after every feed. I would always joke around saying "ang lakas ng tama mo baby, gimme some of that?!"

This is a 7-day old photo of him. Yes, definitely looking 'high' after a feed.

Interestingly enough, I come across this article on The New York Times that says:

Every time we nurse our babies, the love hormone oxytocin courses out of our pituitaries like a warm bath. Human milk is like ice cream, Valium and Ecstasy all wrapped up in two pretty packages.

Heh! How fitting, right! Doncha wish we were all babies again?


donna said...

ahhhh miss those days =)

Frances said...

My mama never breastfed me. I seem to be functioning well but maybe that's why I'm so angsty?

jencc said...

hay naku, ang kyot!!!!! kevin looked like that too before!!!


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