Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blissful Baby Books

Here are some note-worthy books I will add to my must-reads:

100 Promises to My Baby

100 Questions from My Child

Both books are by the daughter of Deepak Chopra, Mallika. In an interview here Mallika says:
I have loved mothering Tara more than anything else I have ever done in my life. I have also realized that some of it comes naturally and that other parts of it are hard-very hard. You need patience, determination, and understanding.
I couldn't agree more! I am amazed at what I have become - a parent. I now know the true meaning of unconditional love, genuine compassion and PATIENCE (these i couldn't comprehend prior to mummyhood). I also feel a whole new range of emotions I never knew existed. I am bursting with feelings. Haaaay. Everyday is filled with new discoveries for both me and Santi.


jencc said...

oh, monix, what a beautiful picture!

KaThYcOt ;p said...

hi there! found ur lil' niche in the web while bloghopping :)
great shot bdw, congrats and welcome to mommyhood! im also breastfeeding, er,pumping/expressing milk too! :)mommy cow to my 6 mos old daughter..

care to ex links? :)

dharmadreams said...

Hey kathy,

Sure you may link me ;)


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