Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Away From Baby

After almost 3 months of being with Santi 24/7, I finally accepted two freelance projects which required me to be away from home 4 hours at a time. I finally had the confidence, guts and heart to leave him with my mum for event #1 and with 'M' during event #2.

Project #1 was a corporate event by Oracle, one of the clients of 'M' held at the Shangri-la Makati. I also invited co-mummy Dee to help with the ushering of the guests. The night before the event, 'M' kept bugging me to bring breastpads (and to remind Dee as well) because he didn't want his client to see two lactating ladies at his event! Haha!

During the event Dee and I kept talking about our babies. In between opening doors and greeting guests - we were exchanging stories about how heavy Santi and; Benny is na, how much we missed them, and took turns in the banyo in pursuit of manually pumping our engorged breasts. Now isn't that hilarious?!

Monica: We are reduced to this. How brainless.

Dee: Haha I Know!

Monica: It's ok. We are mastering mothering skills (which is more profound).

Project #2 was the Collezione C2 Media Fashion Show held at the Crowne Plaza Galleria. I had promised Robbie (a very gay friend of mine and 'M') I would help him out. He does PR for OneUp, a company he recently put up with a partner.

Again, I did the menial task of handling the registration booth for the media. Although, I was happy to see old faces and friends.

Of course, I couldn't stop thinking of Santi. I flooded 'M' with text messages:

"How is he?"
"Has he eaten?"
"Is he crying?"
"Has he stopped crying?"

(Later on I found out how annoyed 'M' was. I guess he could not handle 'parent multitasking'- carrying and pacifying Santi while replying to all my textes)

After having registered all media attendees, I did some important reading. Dee lent me The Happiest Baby on The Block, which I think is more helpful & far more interesting than any of the baby books I've read.

Realizations after being away from Santi for a total of 8 hours:
  • I love him so much more!!!
  • It is liberating to be by myself, driving my car once again. 'Alone time' is good too!
  • Bringing a pump with me is a must since I really do get so engorged (ugh that rock-hard and itchy feeling).
A realization of 'M' after being with Santi for 4 hours without me:
  • Being a stay-at-home mom is no joke.
'M': I can't believe you do this all day long! I have a new-found respect for you and appreciate you more!

You see, switching roles is healthy for couples even if it's just for 4 hours! ;)


Zharmagne said...

Hahaha! your blog made me laugh! too cute!

donna said...

that's so true...i remember being away from my baby for the first time in 1 year and 5 months (can you imagine?!). i couldn't stop thinking about her yet i was enjoying my "me" time. having time for yourself is good for baby too because you become a better mommy after!

dharmadreams said...

Donns 1 year & 5 months? you really needed that time apart! hehe

deelirious said... was an experience. thank god our babies survived! i guess that's just how it is..we both live and learn: baby and mommy. as for switching roles, i must try that one out. i left benny with 'B' once for an hour to go to mass and when I texted saying I was on my way home he was like, "hope so." ran in the house to find benny calm already, but 'B" claimed that he had cried and fuzzed the entire hour. sometimes, i get resentful that i am doing the SAHM bit..don't get me wrong, i love benny and love feeding him, cleaning him, playing with him etc.
well, cheers to us!! good job guys:)


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