Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Heavenly Gripe

When we took my colicky baby to his pedia during his last visit for a vaccine shot, she recommended gripe water. What the heck is that?!

According to wikipedia, gripe water is - a herbal home remedy for babies with colic, gas, teething pain or other stomach ailments. Its chief active ingredients are ginger, dill and fennel. It is a product which may help to relieve the painful symptoms associated with infant colic.
I had second thoughts on giving supplemental water. I really did want to exclusively breastfeed for as long as I could but after a few more days of colic attacks, (my gosh, kakaawa talaga my son with him turning red, his eyes in agony, clenched fists & hard body) I finally brought myself to purchase 6 bottles of Woodward's Gripe Water from the Assad Mini Mart on Jupiter St. Makati. Each 130ml bottle costs P60 (n0t bad if it could ease him of all that pain).

As soon as I got home, my son started fussing and while I was calming him, bouncing on the stability ball, I asked my maid to take one bottle out and pour 2oz (this was the dosage given by the doc) into a bottle which I fed to him. Right away he began farting, long and loud. I was so happy! Then I studied the bottle and to my dismay, it read that I should only give him 1 teaspoon about 4x a day!!! I know I should've read that bottle before even opening it!!! AIYA! Tsk Tsk Tsk....;(

Paranoid-mummy-me contacted my pedia to ask if the overdosage would do him serious harm. I swear, I was ready to drive him to the hospital! Apparently, the dosage she gave was for another gripe water brand, bummer :P She assured me though that since gripe water is only made out of fennel seeds, the most harm he will get is soft stools for awhile (more like liquid stools since he has soft stools as is). So phew, right? But I really did feel like such a bad mum at that moment. :_(

There goes my first-hand experience with gripe water --- as I type this entry, I look to my left where my precious baby is sleeping peacefully, a very rare scene prior to the magical gripe! I totally recommend to give as life saver gifts in baby showers...truly heaven-sent!

Notes from 11-15-2014: I partially vaccinated Santi but I have chosen not to at all with Maya.

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donna said...

never heard of this either...good to know though. thanks for the tip.


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